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EndNote Guide: Transfer from RefWorks to EndNote

RefWorks to EndNote

Notes on the Transfer Process

When you transfer references from RefWorks to EndNote, you need to mimic your RefWorks folder structure as groups in EndNote before you start. Projects from RefWorks can be transferred into My Groups in EndNote. Additionally, if you have any file attachments, they will not transfer with your references. You will either need to download them into a folder and upload as a folder or download individually and attach them separately.

Setting Up Groups

See the Use EndNote Desktop Functions page for more details on creating and managing your groups.

All References filter in RefWorksAll References My Groups Folder

Exporting from RefWorks & Importing into EndNote

1. In RefWorks, navigate to the folder or project you want to transfer.

2. Click on the Share button in the top navigation bar.

3. Select the "Export references" option from the drop-down menu.

4. In the From section, select the "All references in..." option.

5. In the Format section, select the "RIS Format" option.

6. Click on the Export button to generate your .ris file.

RefWorks Export References dialog box

RefWorks Project Export Screen

7. In EndNote Desktop, click on the File tab in the menu bar.

8. Select the "Import..." option from the drop-down menu.

  • PC: Use the "Choose..." button to select your .ris file from your downloads, and change the "Import Option:" field to Reference Manager (RIS).

EndNote Import File dialog box

  • Mac: Use your Finder window to select the .ris file from your downloads, and use the Options button to change the "Import Option:" field to Reference Manager (RIS).

9. Click on the Import button.

10. Click on the "Imported References" tab in the left sidebar.

11. Highlight all of the newly added references in Imported References and drag them into the appropriate group in the left sidebar.

EndNote Imported Projects Highlighted Screen

12. Repeat steps 1-11 for each folder in each of your projects.

PDF Attachments

Set up a new folder on your desktop or in your Documents folder to house all of your RefWorks PDFs. Once you've downloaded each PDF attachment and placed it in the newly created folder, you can follow the steps outlined on the Use EndNote Desktop Functions page to import your PDFs.

These instructions were adapted from NYMC guide,