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RefWorks Guide

This guide introduces RefWorks and explains how to connect research databases with it.

RefWorks Citation Management Tool

RefWorks has a few positive differences to EndNote including:

  • It is web-based
  • You can share individual folders
  • It is compatible with Google Docs

To start using RefWorks (and you are on campus) please go to and register with your TUN email.

If you are off campus please go to and set up an account using your TUN email.

Note: The Library changed its citation management tool from EndNote to RefWorks on September 30, 2019

Some Things to Keep in Mind...

What do you need to use RefWorks? 

  • Be comfortable using computers and have an Internet connection
  • An ability to search TUN research databases and navigate the results
  • And…some patience with a bit of a learning curve

What RefWorks does NOT do

  • It cannot search the databases/literature for you
  • It does not store the articles themselves
  • It will not do a perfect job with formatting citations, and so you still need to understand APA style

These things are not said to discourage you from using RefWorks--in fact, it is not difficult to use. But sometimes people misunderstand its uses and we want you to be set up for success when learning it! And if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.