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Nursing Library Orientation


As a student you will be working with a lot citations. Citations are important...and are often difficult and frustrating to work with. The library offers tools and resources to help with citations, and specifically the APA 6th style.

EndNote is a bibliographic management tool that helps collect, organize, and format citations. Academic Writer can help you learn the APA 6th style and even format papers in different styles. The library can help you with both of these.

Citation Tools

RefWorks is reference management software with features to— 

  • Easily export citations from library research databases such as CINAHL and ERIC.
  • Keep all your references and reference-related materials in a searchable personal library.
  • Share your references with colleagues and collaborators.
  • Use your references in Microsoft Word to easily create formatted citations and bibliographies as you type your research papers.

RefWorks has a bit of a learning curve, but if you will be doing a lot of research or just working with numerous citations it can save you a lot of time and headaches. It isn't perfect--and you will still need to know or able to work with APA 6th or your preferred citation style--but it helps remove much of the tedious (though important) aspects of working with citations.

For information and to get started with RefWorks please visit our RefWorks Research Guide or try the RefWorks Online Tutorial.

Academic Writer (formerly APA Style Central) provides resources to guide you through formatting and composing research papers and citations, including tutorials, paper templates, style manuals, and journal publication information. Though it does not contain research articles, it is one of the library's databases; as such, it requires a log in from off-campus. It is best navigated by using the colorful tabs at the top of main screen; there is also an introductory video.

The Learn tab is a good place to get started with APA style. If you are not familiar with APA style or need to update some rusty skills, this is a great place to start. Here you can watch tutorial videos, take review quizzes to test your APA knowledge, and review sample citation examples and even entire papers formatted in APA style. You can bookmark reference examples for quick referrals in the future, and you can download and print off the sample papers for your convenience.

Academic Writer has more advanced features, too. The Research tab includes APA reference books (though the official Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is only available in print in the library). The Write tab offers templates to help you write papers in formats like case studies, literature reviews, empirical papers, and more (note that you will need to create a free APA Style Central account for this feature). And the Publish tab provides information on how to publish your research, though it has a focus on psychology journals.

The Library keeps a print copy of the official Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association on reserve in the Library. It can be checked out for two hours while you are on campus.