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Nursing: Journals

This guide is designed to assist all students in Nursing programs at Touro University Nevada.

Searching for Journals

Reading academic journals in your field can be an excellent way to keep up with the trends in your discipline. Journals can also be used to get ideas for future research projects, view job postings, or learning about conferences.

The Jay Sexter Library's Journals page is a complete listing of our print and electronic journal holdings. There are several ways to search for journals using this page:

Search by first title word (useful when you know which title you want already):

- Select the "title begins with" menu item and type the first title word (besides "the")

- You can also use the hyperlinked letters at the bottom of the page (the A to Z list) to search alphabetically by letter

Notice that the two titles below are available from several databases. The range of coverage available in each database is displayed on the left of the database link. To access journal contents, click a database link, but be mindful of the available coverage

If you do not have a particular journal in mind: 

- From the drop down menu, choose "title contains all words"

- Enter one or more keywords into the search field

- This will search for your keywords in any location within all journal titles

Print vs. Electronic Journals:

- Print journals have hyperlinks that read Print Journals for Nevada - these links lead to the Library Catalog, where you can view the holdings available in the library

- Electronic Journals have hyperlinks that contain database names - these links lead to online databases where online full text exists

BMJ is available in both print and electronic format. It is available in print from 2011 until 2012. It is available online from 1988 until the present, but the coverage varies depending on the database.


Please note: If you would like to search for journal articles by subject, use a database from the Library Databases page. The Journals page is best used for browsing individual journal titles or for finding the full text of individual citations. It is NOT a good place to start a literature search.

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