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Affiliate User Library Guide: Journals

Searching for Journals

Reading academic journals in your field can be an excellent way to keep up with the trends in your discipline. Journals can also be used to get ideas for future research projects, view job postings, or learn about conferences. The Jay Sexter Library's Journals page is a complete listing of our print and electronic journal holdings. There are several ways to search for journals using this page (see below and to your left):

Navigating the Journals Page

Browse Journals

Browzine Logo

BrowZine finds specific journal titles and is great for browsing journals by subject. 

To get to Browzine and begin searching/browsing, you can do two things:

  • Go to Browzine directly. Here is the direct link to our journals: 
  • Find the Browzine link on the library website or in this guide, and link from there. 

IMPORTANTMake sure you are connected to Touro University Nevada or you will not get accurate results. To do this, use the links provided in this guide or on the LIBRARY'S WEBSITE.

See the "Browzine e-Journals Search" box below for more information on connecting to and using Browzine. 

Click the EXPLORE JOURNALS link in the box just above to get started searching now.

Click the WATCH THE VIDEO link to see a short video created by Browzine on Browzine.

***Scroll down for detailed information on using Browzine.***

Browzine is very easy to use. You can likely figure it out because it is very intuitive, but here is a quick explanation. 

On the TUN LIBRARY BROWZINE page, you will see the page below. There are three things to know to begin, which are listed below. The numbers of the items correspond to the red numbers on the image.  

1. IMPORTANT: Make sure you are connected to Touro University Nevada, as seen in the image below or you will not get accurate results. To do this, use the links provided in this guide or on the LIBRARY'S WEBSITE.

2. Enter your query (search terms) in the search box. You can search for a journal title, an article, a subject, or by the journal's ISSN. This search feature is great for more specific searches, when you know what you are looking for.

3. Browse journals by subject by selecting a broad subject from the list under "Browse Subjects". When you make your selection are are taken to the results, you can refine your search to more specific topics. This feature is best for a more broad search and is a great way to discover a list of the journals we have on your topic of choice. 


You can use the search box below to enter your query, and you will be taken to the Browzine page with results in place. For example, if you enter "Diabetes" as your query, you will be taken to the page below, where you can refine the results if needed, or start over should you choose. The results that are on the right, is a list of the journals we have for that subject. Simply click on one of them to view the journal.  


Search e-journals in Browzine