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Occupational Therapy Research Guide: Journals

Journals vs. Databases

The difference between Library Journals and Databases can be a bit confusing at first. Basically, use Journals if you are search by citation and use Databases if you are searching by topic.

The Journals page allows searching for particular journal titles and access to particular articles. For example, if you want to see if the Library has access to JAMA or Nature and for what years, you would search the Journals page.

The Databases page is where you would go if you want to search for a topic. So, if you want to search for articles about cancer rehabilitation you would go to Databases instead of Journals.

Searching for Journals

Reading academic journals in your field can be an excellent way to keep up with the trends in your discipline. Journals can also be used to get ideas for future research projects, view job postings, or learn about conferences. The Jay Sexter Library's Journals page is a complete listing of our print and electronic journal holdings. There are several ways to search for journals using this page (see below and to your left):

Navigating the Journals Page