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Interprofessional Education (IPE)

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  Case 3

Clinical Vignette

WS is student on his clinical rotation in pediatrics. He has missed several mandatory orientation activities for the clerkship and did not attend several of the formal teaching sessions that are held weekly at his assigned site. In the process of collecting midmonth feedback, it was revealed that only a few residents and attending physicians had worked with WS. He had told his supervisor on the inpatient service that he was leaving Thursday afternoons to attend his preceptor's clinic; however, it became apparent that the preceptor never had met WS. When WS was confronted with his attendance issues, he admitted that he was taking days off to take care of his sick child (WS is married with 2 small children; his wife works full-time). He explained that he did not attend his mandatory activities because he believed that his absence would not be noticed. Similar behaviors and unexcused absences were noted on his previous month during his clinical work in geriatrics. This was verbally shared with the geriatric care coordinator, but no written documentation of this behavior exists, and no one specifically addressed WS on his absences.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the breaches in professionalism exhibited by WS?
  2. Although WS is not directly responsible for patient care, why is his pattern of behavior important to note?

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