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RefWorks Guide: 1. RefWorks Introduction

Combine existing Guide and Tutorial to one guide

RefWorks Introduction

RefWorks is a reference management service designed to help researchers manage research projects. The service includes full-text and bibliographic management, collaboration features, and browser integration.

This guide focuses on full-text and bibliographic management, such as

  • Exporting citations from TUN research databases including PubMed, CINAHL, Embase, and other resources
  • Organizing citations into folders
  • Adding and formatting citations as you write a paper in Microsoft Word and Google Docs

This is a very useful tool that can save you time.

Citation Management

There are many tools that provide ways to manage citations, from web-based forms to downloadable software. Some that you may be familiar with are EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, and Citation Machine. Based on your research needs and working style, you may prefer one over another.

Why choose RefWorks? Some advantages of using RefWorks while at Touro University Nevada are:

1. Free access while at TUN. RefWorks through TUN provides free access to an institutional subscription. Not only do you save money from not paying an individual access fee, you can also access the TUN network of researchers.

2. RefWorks provides the ability to collect citations in different formats, download full-text, manage your research, collaborate with others, and cite while writing your research. You can manage your research at TUN in one place.

3. RefWorks integrates with most browsers and the citations can be inserted directly to Google Docs and Microsoft Word. You can produce your final citation list for your presentation or paper with the click of a few buttons.