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RefWorks Guide: 8. Best Practices with RefWorks

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Some Things to Keep in Mind with RefWorks

Top Tips imageSet up folders before you start your research. As you export your citations try to immediately add them to a folder. It is easier than going back later and trying to place dozens of citations into the correct folder.

As you import your citations check to see if the metadata is formatted correctly. For example, titles of articles or author names may import in all caps. If these errors are not fixed they will show up later when you format your references. It is easier to fix one at a time while adding to your library than having to fix many at once after time has lapsed.

And if needed, feel free to contact the Library for help!

Help with APA Citation Style

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Even with RefWorks it is important to be familiar with the citation style you are using. RefWorks is not perfect, so you will need to review the citation output.

If you are working with APA Style the Library offers the Academic Writer database (formerly APA Style Central). It is a good resource to learn about APA, practice with quizzes, and review sample citations and entire papers.