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Orientation to the Library: Clio Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Process - Clio

In July 2022, the Library is implementing a new system for requesting interlibrary loans, Clio. With this system, you will login as you do with any online Library resource and have your own interlibrary loan dashboard. You can submit requests on this dashboard, download PDFs, and see your history of requests. No more searching through emails to find your interlibrary loan articles!

Please note that you may continue to use the old Interlibrary Request Form from the Library's Homepage during the transition phase in July.

See instructions below on how to get started.

A. Logging in the First Time

1. Go to Patron Login Site for Interlibrary Loan at
At this site, you can access your personal Interlibrary Loan dashboard. We recommend bookmarking it for ease of access.
2. Login with your usual method for accessing online Library resources.

Touro College and University System authentication

If you are a regular student, faculty, or staff member, select the first option: TouroOne.
If you are a student on leave of absence, faculty emeritus, or adjunct faculty, select the third option: OpenAthens.

3. Finish registering your interlibrary loan account by filling in the following information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Status, and Department.
4. You will now be able to request articles, books and book chapters by going to the Request drop down and selecting the correct form.

B. Submitting a New Request

1. Go to the Request drop down and select the correct form. Use New Article Request for articles from journals, magazines, and other serials. Use New Book Chapter Request for a chapter or section from a book.

Clio Request Menu New Article New Book Chapter

Clio Request Menu New Article New Book Chapter2. Read and agree to the conditions and fill in as much of the form as possible. It is especially helpful to have a PubMed ID (PMID), if available. Click Submit.
3. You will receive an email confirmation that your request was submitted.

C. Check the status of your requests

1. You will receive an email notification when a request is filled. You can check the status of your requests by logging into Clio (See Step A above) and clicking the History tab.
Request History filter and sort options











2. If the item has been received, you will see the Received button above the Request ID.

Received Request ID and Date Requested

Under the citation you will see the expiration date for the pickup, the URL where the document can be retrieved, and the password. Note that the system will not keep documents past 30 days.

3. Go to the PDF URL and use the PDF password to download your file.

* You may have to check your spam folder or “whitelist” emails from