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Orientation to the Library: 5. Databases

Working guide for a master orientation to the library

Introduction to Databases

The library subscribes to various Databases that meet the work of TUN students and community. From general academic subjects to specialized medical fields, you will find tools, research publications, and more from the library's list of databases. We have a summary handout of selected resources.

The Library Databases page is organized alphabetically. You can also 

  • search by keywords in the search box,
  • search by TUN program, under All Subjects,
  • search by type of database,
  • search by vendor name,
  • or browse through popular databases.


The Library Databases page can be found under Quicklinks from the library's homepage.

Quicklinks: Library Databases outlined

The library subscribes to a wide selection of databases.  Library Databases page has a full list you can find alphabetically. But a list of database names might not be helpful when you're new to a field. Like any research, knowledge builds on knowledge. Through practice and experience, you will learn which databases have the information you need.

The following subject guides have selected databases that can help you get started in these fields.

Your advisor, colleague, and librarian may have recommendations. Research studies or grants may request thorough searches from specific databases. Research articles and methodologies may suggest databases for a field. Keep in mind that the library provides access to reliable and vetted databases. If you're still not sure, you can search across many databases at once from the library search box on the library homepage. This will provide more reliable information than a generic search engine, such as Google or Bing. By trying different searches in the library's databases you will learn more about the different databases, the type of information they offer, and how to search them more effectively for your field. You can always ask a librarian for guidance.

Once you have chosen a database you can start to search for articles. Most databases have their own interface, but they all have the same functional search options. The tutorial below uses the database CINAHL to demonstrate common search functions in a database. Some databases may be more complex. Reach out to a librarian for guidance on using any database. Use the menu links on the left to select a topic or the arrows H5P page navitation arrowsto navigate page by page. Click the purple plus icon to learn more about the selected features. We do not recommend the full screen mode for this tutorial.