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Orientation to the Library: Library Welcome


Welcome to the Jay Sexter Library at Touro University Nevada! 

As part of the Touro University Nevada community, you are eligible for Library privileges.

These privileges allow you to access our extensive digital collection of databases, e-books, and e-journals. It also allows you to request Interlibrary Loan materials and receive research support from the Library’s faculty.

This guide provides an orientation to the Library, including its services and resources. 

If you have questions, contact us at, use chat (see chat box below), or call us at 702-777-1740. We would be happy to help you!

Library Hours



Holidays and other special days might affect these hours.

Please CLICK HERE for monthly views and information on special closures.

Chat box

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Request Access to TUN Library Resources

If you need to request access to the library, please make sure your department has completed all of your paperwork and finalized your TUN affiliation status.

Once that is confirmed, please click here to fill out and submit the Library User Agreement.

Remote Access to Library Resources

Jay Sexter Library's digital collection, online resources, and virtually all services are available remotely.

When off campus and accessing the Library remotely, you will be required to verify your TUN affiliation by logging into OpenAthens. There are two options we use to sign in: the first option, "Access with your TouroOne credentials", and the last option, "OpenAthens (for users without TouroOne credentials)". which one you need to use is based on how you are affiliated with TUN and both options are explained in detail below. 


TouroOne Credentials: For users with an active TouroOne account.

Use the first option, "Access with your TouroOne credentials", if you have an active TouroOne account. If you do not have an active TouroOne account, see below for signing directly into OpenAthens with an OpenAthens account.

OpenAthens sign in screen: Access with your TouroOne credentials highlighted

  • After selecting the above option, you will be prompted to login into TouroOne.

TouroOne login screen

  • Simply use your TouroOne credentials, the same username and password you always do, and you will be taken to your chosen resource once you have been verified by the system.
  • Once you are logged in, you can access other proprietary resources without logging in again for 4 hours, which is the duration of an OpenAthens session. After 4 hours you will simply be prompted to login again.

OpenAthens Login: For users without an active TouroOne account

Use the last option, OpenAthens, if you are a resident, adjunct faculty, a preceptor, or anyone else who submitted a library user agreement and completed an orientation.

OpenAthens sign in screen: OpenAthens option highlighted.

  • Simply enter your username and password in on the next page, which looks like this:

"Sign in with an OpenAthens" account screen

  • You will then be taken to your chosen resource.
  • Once you are logged in, you can access other proprietary resources without logging in again for 4 hours, which is the duration of an OpenAthens session.  

Please note:

For your first login, you can use the username and password you were provided during your orientation to login and access your selected resources. However, we highly recommend you change the password you were given, as it was only meant to be temporary. Once you have changed your temporary password, use your given username and your new password to login. 


Once you select your sign in option as explained directly above, instead of entering the username and password you were provided, click the Problems signing in? link, directly below the Sign in button, and follow the prompts. Please note, your username cannot be changed and you must use the email address associated with your OpenAthens account. 

OpenAthens "forgotten your password?" screen